It is time to GARDEN!

Well in Georgia we have 2 more weeks before we can really start planting outdoors but we (my daughter & I) have started our seeds.

We have planted Beans, Peas, Carrots (in a window box - I had great success last year doing this), Cucumbers, Tomatoes (I don't have a clue what type), Pumpkins, Squash, Zucchini, Cantaloupe (once again FAIL!), Red Salis Lettuce (reseeded itself from last year!), Radishes and Beets (in an old cake pan - we have sprouts!) Not to mention the flowers we planted: Marigolds, Soapwort (I have no idea what it will look like my daughter really wanted to plant it), Moon Flowers, Forget Me Nots, and African Daisies. We just got some Pepper and Tomato Seeds from a friends so we have more to plant!

I have made my plans for my garden - 4 raised beds not including my daughter's personal garden. My front yard was modified a little from last year, I lost 8 Elephant Ears do to the cold snap we had. I also took down the flag pole and plan to put a flag on the house instead of the pole. In place of the flag pole we plan on putting a Dwarf Granny Smith Apple Tree (my daughter picked the tree out.) She loves to garden hopefully, she will have a dark green thumb and not a light green thumb like her mother.

My daughter planting the carrots in the window box.

My daughter standing in front of "Her Garden"

We made a sign for her Garden... acrylic paint then I put puffy paint over it.

Our craft stick signs for my garden. Who am I kidding these will be Jillian's soon enough.

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