Scrapbooking... is what I do when I have artist block

Well still having a tough time jumping over that brick wall, so I pulled out my scrapbooking stuff. I can always rely on scrapbooking to get the oven hot once again. I have a lot of scrapbooking stuff but I find the pages always look better if I do my own thing. Also the less I have the more creative I become. I do buy kits and cut the paper into strips or I make my own (with colored pencils, stamps, or watercolors.) I love using my exacto knife (I think I have 6 of them.) I love fonts and have over 1,000 on my computer one thing I like to do is write my titles out in Word and then print or trace the title and cut out the title with the exacto. It does take a while, but I love it! I have a Cricut and use it quite a bit but there is something about the satisfaction that I did it myself.
I'm working on my son's book, which is a little hard because all of the pictures are still on the memory card. So I'm doing what I can and then I will scrapbook some of my daughter's book. I skip around quite a bit but I will finish it someday.

Many people have asked me why don't I do digital scrapbooking? I like the smell of glue, the paper cuts, and knowing someday my children will love the fact I put this much time into them (I hope they like them.)