Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today was a cloudy, raining, cold day so the garden was not in the cards today. So today we cooked and baked! Our morning started with green eggs and green grits. My daughter thought it was really cool that her eggs were green.

Wow, that doesn't look appetizing but it was!

My daughter eating her apples and peanut butter yogurt dip! Booga watching the parade on TV.

My daughter also drew quite a bit today on her white board and in her sketchbook. Then we made bread and re-fried beans! I also have been working on the Littlest Pet Shop Closet Doors today, I am almost done! I was able to return one set back to her bedroom, I only have 6 more pets to paint!

Align Center

My daughter's white board drawing.

It is suppose to be really nice this weekend, so hopefully I will get a ton done in the garden and maybe the shutters painted.