Reworking the Garden Again...

Well I made a lot of progress today in the garden, I worked for over 2 hours by myself in the backyard (applause). I measured the beds, leveled the walkway, roped off the beds, and edged all of the beds. After all that work I decided 14 beds is way too much work for me. I decided to cut it back to 6 beds the 4 - 1'x9' 1 - 4'x6' and 1 - 4'x8' I figured this would keep me busy for a while. I might add 2 - 2'x4' beds but right now the garden is roped off and ready for more potting soil and seeds/plants.

I think this idea will be much more successful than me doing 14 beds, primarily because it would be a whole lot of work. I also have a light green thumb, so any success I have with this garden will give me hope for next year.

I did have some success with starting the seeds indoors but with the crazy weather we are having I lost the majority of them. The tomato plants have had the best success I have 6 plants but I don't know what type of tomatoes they are. So I think I'm going to have to buy some plants: peppers, broccoli, egg plant, spinach, lettuce, more tomatoes, and strawberries. I am going to hope for the best, keeping my fingers crossed that this won't be a complete bust.