Reworking the Garden Plan...

So after spending the off season planning my raised bed garden I have decided to throw that idea away and start over. I decided to just dig up the backyard and plant the stuff directly in the ground opposed to doing raised beds. For the record it is just weeds there anyways, so it isn't like I am digging up a beautiful lawn. The progress has been a little on the slow side, between the horrible weather we have been having and working outside with a 6 month old and a 4 year old has been interesting. I have been able to put a couple of hours of good hard labor in the backyard. Today Jillian an I roped off one bed 1'x8' that we are going to plant peas or beans in. I also started measuring out 2' walkways and some of the other beds (which has increased to 14 with Jillian's bed.) There was several reasons for ditching the raised beds plan, here is my list: construction time, construction aid, no drill, construction supplies, potting soil (a lot of potting soil), required more man power than digging in the backyard (Jillian and I can only do so much), and I also found out that watering raised beds in the summer can be quite difficult.

So, I started to redraw the plans for the garden and I feel like it has quadrupled in size. Now there are:

4 - 1'x9' beds along the fence that will contain: peas, beans, and if Jillian gets her wish strawberries!
1 - 4'x8' bed for tomato, peppers (bell), and cucumbers.
2 - 4'x6' bed for carrots, beets, radish, spinach, lettuce, sweet banana peppers, cayenne peppers, basil, and more tomatoes
5 - 2'x4' beds for broccoli, egg plant, squash, and zucchini
1 - 2'x6' bed for pumpkins
Jillian's bed is 3'x4' and will contain peas, carrots, and tomatoes

I am hoping to be able to plant sometime this week, so we can actually have some vegetables later this year. It will depend on the weather and how certain members of the family respond to me playing in the backyard.

Jillian passed out on the couch after working out in the garden (note the gardening seed magazine opened to grapes.)