Sun Catchers...

One of the best gifts I have gotten in the past 2 years is a magazine subscription for Family Fun Magazine. My grandma got it as a gift when I left the hotel so I would have endless ideas to keep Jillian occupied. The magazine gives great rainy day projects and since Savannah seems to be having more rainy days than usual I need a lot of ideas. It rained once again today and Jillian wanted to do a new project. Today's project was Sun Catchers!

"By adding a very small amount of water to gelatin, kids can create a simple plastic that hardens into colorful window decorations. Gelatin is formed from collagen, a protein made of tiny fibers that's essential for keeping cells stuck together. As water evaporates, it leaves behind a product that is lightweight and strong but without any of the oil-based chemicals used in many factory-made-plastics. The bonus: It glimmers and shimmers in the sun." ~Family Fun Magazine - April 2010~

1 Cup Glass Measuring Cup
4 Envelopes of Unflavored Gelatin
3 TBSP of Boiling Water Per Packet
Food Coloring
4 Disposable Plastic Plates 9" (*Note - I did not have plastic plates I used ceramic)
Glitter (Non-toxic)
Craft Sticks or Toothpicks
Hole Punch

Cut open 1 pack of Gelatin then add 3 TBSP of boiling water. Stir mixture until gelatin is dissolved. Add food coloring and mix. Pour mixture onto plates. Add glitter and more food coloring in marble design if desired. Let stand overnight. I cut around the edge with a sharp knife and lifted the gelatin off the plate.

Let child cut shapes with scissors, punch hole, and tie with string.

With my experiment I will say the ceramic plates make it take longer to set up, so you can use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes (this would be ideal for younger children who don't know how to use scissors.) Once the shapes were cut out with cookie cutters I place them on Parchment Paper and then decided to stick them to the window. I figured once they are fully dry they would lose their stickiness and fall off the window (like when you make home made paper.)

Mixing the purple gelatin.

Marbleizing the purple gelatin and adding the glitter.

Yellow gelatin mixture.

Mixing the green gelatin.

Pouring the green gelatin on the plate.

Jillian showing mommy she can do it all by herself.

Jillian marbleizing the red gelatin.

More marbleizing and glitter.

Using the cookie cutters to cut the shapes out of the purple gelatin.

Cutting the green gelatin.

Cutting the yellow gelatin.

Our finished shapes on parchment paper.

The shapes stuck to the window until they dry.