Mother's Day Gift - UPDATE

Well I ordered the Steel Stamps and some copper blanks for the Mother's Day Gifts.  Yesterday morning I even made the mold of the fingerprints.  I have been debating all week if I should buy a Heart Stamp or wait and see how I like the stamping technique. I am hoping that this project will turn out and that the Grandmas will love it.  I decided on Copper Blanks opposed to the Sterling Silver Blanks for several reasons.  First, Copper is easier to stamp, according to everything I have read and being that I really want this to turn out that was a huge bonus.  Copper is also a lot cheaper than Sterling Silver (if I mess up on Copper I won't be quite as mad.)  Finally, I thought the different colors would work nicely together and I want the focal point to be the fingerprint opposed to the stamping.  This weekend I plan on making some fingerprint charms out of my silver clay, I am praying they turn out and if all goes well I will be able to finish the charms this weekend.  I also made a mold for a silver charm with two little footprints, if I have enough silver clay I am going to make up some Mommy Necklaces.  The first priority will be Grandmas Mother Day Gift.

Today we went to the library and I checked out some Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making books.  I am so excited and I think Jeff is happy I found something that I really enjoy - he wants to name my shop "Any of you boys smithies?"  I have a whole list of things I want to purchase now, here is the top five:

 Chasing Hammer with ERGO Handle, Ball Peen, Small Dome Face
1) Ball Peen/Chasing Hammer - for flattening metal, I read all I need to do it use my torch and this hammer and let the fun begin.

 2) Doming Block & Punches - because I want to make cool spheres and this what I need to do it.

 Ring Mandrel Steel w/o Markings
3) Steel Mandrel - how else am I going to make rings.

 Raw Hide Hammer Mallet Medium Head Long Handle JH109A
4) Raw Hide Mallet - because they are pretty and they don't hurt the metal.

5) Disk Punch - then I can punch my own disks and don't have to pay for someone else to do it.

I admit I find myself some expensive hobbies but I have wanted to learn metalsmithing for a while now - I mean who wouldn't - a blow torch and metal.  I love working with the silver clay I just can't play with it like I want because of the kids.  I have always wanted to make rings and maybe someday I will be good enough to make new Wedding Bands for Jeff and I out of platinum.  Baby steps... first basic projects, I have to graduate up to the big projects!  I am pretty lucky Savannah has several art stores that sell jewelry supplies, I see trips to Primary in my future (YAY! - Jeff just shuddered and doesn't know why...)  Well I must run dinner to cook, kids to entertain and books to read.