My Metal/Crafting Shop (Area)

In the 2 years we have lived in our house I think we have parked a car in the garage twice.  It has become storage for Christmas, Easter, Halloween Bins and a general dumping ground for my rogue art supplies.  That ends this week I am officially claiming the garage as my workspace!  Metalsmithing is not a clean hobby and I really don't want to be doing it at my kitchen table or in my living room, so I am claiming the work bench as my own and all the storage space for my art supplies!  Excitement a bonus will be if it rains this weekend I will actually get to work on some stuff and maybe make some pretty necklaces.  I am hoping my stamps come tomorrow so I can work on some projects and maybe get some necklaces on my Etsy Store before Mother's Day.  I am hoping to also cut out some pendants but I have only one saw blade, so if I break it I am S.O.L.  I have some wonderful ideas and am really excited about creating pieces.

I am hoping for a very productive weekend (keeping my fingers crossed!)

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