Children's Treasures

So I had this idea this morning when I was in the garage working on a metal brooch.

For Mother's Day I had Jillian make a pendant out of clay for both grandmas. Well I decided to take it and create the pendant out of silver and attach it to a personalized pendant that says GRANDMA. I am quite happy with the results.

The polymer clay design that Jillian designed.

So breathing the fumes from using the blow torch this morning... I had a brilliant idea:

Make child (their child) inspired pendants, brooches, key chains, etc. out of silver, copper, brass and nickle silver. People send (email) me pictures 4-5 high quality of their child's work along with a form (of my creation asking important questions - size, personalization, etc.) and I reproduce it out of the metal of their choosing (no gold, platinum, etc. not that good - lol) So essentially a custom made piece of jewelry inspired by their child's art work.

I'm thinking of standard sizes single pendant necklace 1.25" primarily because I think pricing will be easier. I haven't thought about prices I'm thinking for the necklace pendant (one piece) without personalization - this would also be the same size as a brooch (here are the prices I thought of) $30 Nickle Silver, $40 copper, $50 Brass, and $60 Silver.

With personalization (like above picture)

$40 Nickle Silver, $50 Copper, $60 Brass, and $70 for Silver

I also want to do key chains for Dads and Grandpas

$25 Nickle Silver, $35 Copper, $45 Brass and $55 Silver

Charm for a charm bracelet (similar to the silver diamond shape pendant on the above picture.)

$15 Nickle Silver, $25 Cooper, $35 Brass and $45 Silver

I hate pricing... but I did some research and I think these prices are fair (some people have told me they are too low but I will see.) Also the price of silver has gone up in the past two weeks, I wish I would have bought silver 2 weeks ago.

All necklaces would come with a chain. All pieces would come with a gift box and a little note saying something cheesy like:

This (item) has been inspired by the work of a (child.) It has been handcrafted out of (metal) so (your child's) creation can be cherished forever.