FINISHED!!!! Mother's Day Pendant

Well after much heartache (and swearing) I finished the Mother's Day Pendants for the grandmas (YAY - ME!) I decided after the Art Clay disaster last weekend, (I only got one silver pendant even though I made four - insert string of profanity here) that I would have Jillian make a pendant out of polymer clay. I then had this brilliant idea to reproduce Jillian's piece out of silver. I want to apologize for the crappy photos I took them with my cell phone.

Silver Clay Pendants before firing (Note the 4 casts!)

Silver Fingerprint Charm that will be part of my necklace

The completed Grandma Pendant. I will admit I overheated this pendant but all in all I am very happy with how it turned out. I hope the grandmas will like the necklace, I guess if not I will try it again next year (smile!)