Update on The Garden...

Well I have been concentrating on my new love, metalsmithing. My garden still is chugging along despite the moles and the neighbor's cat eating the tomato flowers and the tomatoes. After a physical breakdown last week, of what the hell was eating my garden that I worked so hard on and how could I prevent it, I came very close to throwing in the towel. The next day I was hammering away on a piece of metal and saw the neighbors cat walk by the open door. I waited about 5 minutes and then went back to the garden. I caught the cat in the garden eating my tomato plant and I feel I put the fear of God into that cat (I haven't seen it in a week.) I also came up with a make shift way of keeping the tomatoes on the plant.

Why yes that is a giant fishing net... Michael the gentleman that we bought the house from left four of them. Since Jeff and I don't fish or own a boat what else am I going to do with them. Note the pretty tomato STILL on the plant.

Jillian and I also picked our first beans yesterday. I should have waited a couple more days but I couldn't wait any longer.

There was enough for Jeff, Jillian, and I to have some for dinner. Jillian didn't want hers cooked so we ate them raw (and they were really good!)

Jillian eating her beans, YAY! This is a HUGE accomplishment, she isn't a fan of beans. She told me it was because she grew them, she had to eat them.

We should have peas soon they are just starting to produce pods. The pumpkin plant is doing well and we have 4 squash plants and 1 cantaloupe plant. The radishes should be ready next week, the carrots in a couple of weeks and maybe we will get some sweet peppers (finally!) They have also been eaten by the neighbor's cat.

I also modified the tomato plants "cage" today. As I said Michael was a fisherman and had this giant net he left in the shed. I decided to put it over the all of the tomato plants because they are all starting to form tomatoes and I don't want to lose anymore (I have lost a ton of flowers - 18 to be exact and 1 big tomato, to that cat!) The net has weights around the edge (every 6") so it should keep it down, I also buried the edges of the net. We will see I think this will work, I hope this will work because I have worked really hard on this garden to lose all my tomatoes to the neighbors FAT CAT!

Jillian, the tomato plants, and the tomato net.