Do you know your states?

I really wanted to do some educational things with Jillian this summer. So I drew a blank map of the U.S. on poster board and Jillian and I are working our way through the United States alphabetically. We are on the letter "N" it is really neat to see her learn the states and where they are located.
She asked Jeff the other morning, "What color is the red state?"
Jeff said "California."
Jillian said, "NO! Connecticut, California is Orange!" Jillian was right.

I wanted to teach her the capitals too but that was a little harder, maybe someday, baby steps.

Once we finish with our states I hope to get to move on to the color wheel and some basic art history. It will be a long hot summer (it is hot already!) so I'm sure I will be scrambling for some ideas before the summer is over!

There are 50 states in.. USA -

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