Craft Stick Trinket Box

Last year for Christmas I wanted Jillian to make Jeff something really, really special but it had to be with stuff I had.  I had craft sticks lots and lots of Craft Sticks.

I did a Google Search for Craft Stick Projects and came up with a Craft Stick Trinket Box (Family Fun).  This project was really easy, Jillian helped me build it.  A little Elmer's Glue and Craft Sticks and it took about and hour to do.  I let Jillian paint it with brown acrylic paint.  I then took Jillian's hand and painted it with pink acrylic paint and Vincent's foot and painted it with baby blue acrylic paint and pressed it on the top of the box.  Jillian told me that I had to use glitter paint to seal it, so I then painted everything with Glitter Paint.  The box sits on the bookcase next to Jeff's side of the bed, he loves it! 

Jillian working on daddy's Christmas present.
The top of the Trinket Box - I scanned the actual top of the box.

TIPS:  If you need to make this in a hurry put it together with hot glue and let the kids paint it.  The hour building time includes drying time for the glue.

I will say it is a cute little project and I see many, many more of these in my future.