Pom-pom Ladybugs...

Today's craft project was all about Ladybugs!  Before we started I looked up information on Ladybugs, so we could all learn something about Ladybugs (which aren't really bugs they are beetles).  Here are the two websites I read to my daughter about Ladybugs:
National Geographic
Everything About Ladybugs

Once we had our fill of knowledge we made Pom-pom Ladybugs:

Big Red Pom-pom
Normal Black Pom-pom
Googly Eyes
Black Pipe Cleaner
Black Felt

Cut out eight little circles out of the black felt.  Glue the black felt circles on to the red pom-pom.  Take the googly eyes and glue them on to the black pom-pom.  Glue the black pom-pom on to the red pom-pom.  Flip the Ladybug over and cut 4 - 2 1/2" piece of pipe cleaner.  Place one piece in the center and twist the three pieces horizontally across.  Glue the legs to the bottom of the Ladybug.  Let dry and you have a Ladybug!

Note the concentration of placing the spots on the Ladybug

The Cute Little Ladybug!
Getting a little frustrated with mom and all her picture taking.