Blog Redesign...

I am just letting everyone know that I am in the process of (learning how to) redesign my blog. I plan on making it sleeker and a little less ummm... what is the word chaotic (mess).  My blog is a mess and I am well aware of this fact so I plan on redesigning it slowly.  If something is removed that you enjoy seeing or want me to keep, let me know.  I have know idea how long this will take, I am pretty sure it will be a work in progress (for quite some time).

I want to apologize for the chaotic mess that is my blog right now (picture it as a snap shot into my mind - scary I know).  I hope to have at least one thing semi-organized very soon (the blog not my mind).  I know what I want but right now  lack the knowledge of how to built it - I see Google searches in my future.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this chaotic mess will be dealt with soon. 

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