Oil Pastel Drawing - In Progress

I have been wanted to draw this week, since my joint compound won't be hear until this weekend (then I will attempt to make paper clay).  Last night I pulled out my oil pastels (I blew the dust off of them since it had been 10 years - seriously, I have not used them in 10 years) and started to draw.  My daughter wanted me to draw a hummingbird, she sat next to me and decided my "crayons" were very pretty, then told me that the background needed work.  I once again took these with my phone so the quality is a little on the poor side but I am remembering to take progress photos (YAY - me!)

The hummingbird - what it looked like before my daughter went to bed.

Making Progress

What it looked like before I went to bed last night.

So the hummingbird is pretty much done and I am going to leave the background alone for a while because I don't want to over do it (very easy to do with oil pastel.)  When I finish it I will scan it in for everyone to see.  I am still debating if I am going to do this as my Hive entry - the picture isn't really autumn (more spring) so probably not.