100 Followers! Thank You!

Every week day morning I do the same thing.  I wake up at 7am, feed my son, help get my daughter ready for school (my awesome husband has been making lunches), my husband takes my daughter to school, I turn on ESPN, pour my second cup of coffee and check email, blog, face book, etc.  This morning I hit 100 Followers!  Thank you all!  You made my day :)  Today is going to be a heavy posting day because of my results of paper clay so please bare with me.  I also promise this weekend to do crafty projects so I can blog about them next week.  As in my earlier (scheduled post - yes I cheat, I admit it) I mentioned everything I want to get done this weekend I mentioned a wreath, tie dye and paper clay.  I can say I have successfully accomplished the paper clay, the post will follow in another entry!

Thank you again :)

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