Okay so it is Saturday morning and I am absolutely giddy not only because my husband has the day off but I get to go to the Dollar Store!  I hate shopping with a passion (clothes, shoes, purses, etc.) but I love the Dollar Store!  My daughter is going to join me and we are going to do a girls trip to the Dollar Store (I think she is even more excited than me).  Once I get armature stuff I am going to work on some things for my Etsy Store and I was encouraged by my husband to create something for the Celebrate 365 (something I have never done before - I am excited and apprehensive at the same time).  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and there is a really good chance I won't post tomorrow so expect some really big things on Monday :)

Here is another ornament I am working on (paper clay):

The Santa looks like my dad - lol!