Felt Tent–Progress Photos–24 Days Till Christmas!

I must say I love my new set up because my scanner is hooked up so all I need to do is hop on my computer and scan away.  I think I might be going a tad overboard with this but I know my son (and daughter) are going to love this.

Felt Tent 003

This is the outside of the Peek-a-boo Birdhouse

Felt Tent 002

The Blue Bird inside the Birdhouse

Felt Tent 004

The Traveling Gnome – lol.  He will be a Peek-a-boo on the ticket window side.

Felt Tent 005

This is the Destinations sign that will go over the map (it was too big to scan it flat.

I have 4 signs left to do, apples, flowers, bugs – I have to stop thinking because it will just stress me out!

I have a feeling that I will be making a Littlest Pet Shop Purple Slide for Christmas.  This is a conversation that my daughter and I had on the walk home from school the other day:

Me: You want the purple Pet Shop House we saw at Target

My Daughter: No I want the purple pet shop house on my coloring book.

Me: I don't think Santa can do that

My Daughter: It is okay mom if Santa and his elves can't you can.


I would like to add I’m scared because I know she will be super disappointed if this doesn’t happen.  Now I have to figure out how to build it and what to build it out of.  I have a long 24 days ahead of me.  It should be interesting.