Karma Chameleon on In the Zone with Cyn & Robi - LIVE TONIGHT at 9pm!

I seriously thought Boy George was the coolest thing in the world and this is by far one of my favorite videos!  I posted the video because I wanted to remind everyone how cheesy Boy George was in the 80s.

One of my favorite songs of all time and it has been stuck in my head all day :)

Cyn and Robi's theme tonight is Karma Chameleon on In the Zone.  What is In the Zone is it an interactive Craft TV Show on Creative Edventures Interactive WebTV Channel.  Come sit back, relax, chat, ask questions and enjoy some wonderful crafting techniques from two extremely crafty ladies!  The end of the show is where you can hop in and SHARE what you are working on this week!  The best part is you don't need a web cam to see the show (only if you want to share.)

In the Zone

LIVE TONIGHT at 9pm EST in the Creative Edventures Interactive WebTV Room!