Easy Shamrock Headband - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Even though I despise the holiday (I guess being thrown up on and dealing with too many drunk people for too many years will do that).  My daughter really wanted a Shamrock Headband!  Being a good sport I said sure.

This is an easy project it took longer for the glue to dry than to put it together.

Head Band (I got 7 at the Dollar Store - I am using the green one)
Green Felt
Cereal Box
Small Shamrock Template
Two Pipe Cleaner
Paint Brush

Pretty Green Headband

 Clover cut out of an old cereal box and painted.  I then place it on the felt and traced around it.

I traced two shamrocks on felt - I used a Sharpie so it would show up.  I cut out the shamrocks.

I glued the pipe cleaner to the cereal box.

I then sandwiched the pipe cleaner between the cereal box and the felt.  I twisted the pipe cleaner around a paint brush to make it springy.

I then added Green Extreme Glitter Paint to the front and backside of the clover.

I had some problems last night with my scanner working with the MAC so I don't have the template for the clovers finished yet.  As soon as they are I will post it.