W.I.P - Wednesday (Believe it of NOT!)

It has been a wild week and I have several things I am working on.  Of course I am working on the giant graphic design project.  It is starting to come together rather nicely.  I have decided not to show stuff until it is a little more refined.

I have been working on my blog hop card for Friday - honestly not feeling it :

I hope the watermark is not too distracting.  I decided with switching to the iMac I need a "real" watermark.  

This is the new watermark/logo - it is growing on me.

This is a card I finished a couple weeks ago I am happy with how it turned out:
The card is on green card stock, the tree is a stamp I carved stamped onto homemade paper.  I then the frame is Bronze color paper.  The ribbon is a brown velvet.

I also fixed the portfolio page on the blog, I plan on adding some more items but so far I am happy I got it working again!