Easter Egg Tea Light Candles - DOLLAR STORE ROCKS!

I needed something easy for an Easter Table Decorations because I have a Booga I will not have my table cloth on the table this year.  My mom and I were at the Dollar Store and I said those sparkly eggs would look great as lights.  My mom you should get some and make some.  We picked up a pack of 12 Glittery Eggs for $1.00 and 2 sets of 3 flame less tea light candles ($1.00 a piece). 

Easter Eggs (I used glittery see through eggs)
LED Flameless Tea Light Candles
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon or Easter Grass (optional)

TIME: 10 Minutes (tops - it takes longer for the glue gun to heat up)

I took the first egg and cut a hole in the bottom of the egg so the tea candle would fit.  

I hot glued the egg to the base and turned on the tea light candle.  I am not sure if I am going to add Easter Grass or not - I sort of like it without anything.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and enjoys this easy, festive tea light candles.