Everything Easter on In the Paint Box Today!

Well I have been under the weather lately (yesterday I felt like I got hit by a Mac Truck) but I promised my daughter that she could be on my show today.  It is Spring Break and I have been really too sick to do anything (I feel absolutely terrible about this fact) but my mom is here and has been able to play with the kids, feed them and entertain them (while I locked myself in our bedroom and slept).

Today on the Paint Box we are going to make a Happy Easter Banner (out of hand silhouettes shape like bunnies) and we are also going to make paperclay Easter Eggs (because my mom bought me another pack of Paperclay)!  My other reason for using the Paperclay is to see how easy it is for my daughter to use.  I am also going to show how to dry the Paperclay with a hair dyer or a heat tool (I am not sure which one yet).

Come join us today in the Creative Edventures Linqto Room at NOON EST for In the Paint Box.

UPDATE:  Playback link for today's show.