Homemade Texture Magic

I am pretty sure I have established I am "frugal" when it comes to my craft supplies purchases.  Texture Magic is no exception.  I really wanted to buy some Texture Magic but at $12 a tube it is a little too steep for my taste.  I was working on my Reece's Rainbow tiles and really wanted a raised look.  I decided to take about an 1/8 cup Liquitex Matte Medium (I tilted the bottle upside down), a couple of squirts of baby powder and mix it together.  I wanted it thick so I squirted enough baby powder to make it thick like a paste.

I used a palette knife to mix and apply the mixture.  I then covered the container with plastic wrap before putting the lid on.

 The Dollar Store container I used - works great for texture magic (bad for alcohol inks).

I took a stencil and applied the texture magic over the stencil with a palette knife.  It takes paint and ink wonderfully!

1/8 cup Liquitex Matte Medium
2 Squirts of Baby Powder
1 plastic container
1 palette knife

Place the Matte Medium in the container and add the baby powder slowly.  Mix the baby powder until desired consistency is achieved.  Store in an air tight container.