Not Wordless Wednesday - Meeting Robi

Yesterday I met Roberta Cohen and her husband Sid in person!  I was really excited and a tad nervous about meeting them in person.  I Skype with Robi quite a bit so I knew we would get along fabulously but I was still nervous.  I knew Robi wouldn't care what my house looked like (because friends don't care and trust me she has seen my house via Skype in some diaster situations before) but I still dusted, cleaned the bathrooms and tried really hard to pick up my toys.  They arrived around dinner time and my daughter was absolutely in love with them - I mean anyone who brings a Fairy Trinket Box in a Pink Rhinestone Box is her BFF.  Booga gave the normal staring treatment to all new people and very shortly warmed up to Sid and Robi.  I want to thank The Hive (because without them I would have never found Creative EdVentures), Creative EdVentures (because without them I would have never met Robi) and Robi (Sid too!) for a wonderful evening chatting about life and art!
Robi and I
Trying to get a photo with everyone looking
Almost Booga turned his head at the last second
Sid reading my daughter her story - it was very cute and she loved it!
Side note Robi has her own show on the Creative EdVentures Web TV that airs at 11:30 pm on Thursdays, called Robi@Nite.  She is an amazing artist and person, I am so lucky (and proud) to call her my friend.