Tasty Tuesday - CHOCOLATE... When you have none

Okay I admit I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE CHOCOLATE.  Chocolate everything... I have NEVER met a piece of chocolate that I have NOT liked.  I wanted chocolate really bad but we had no chocolate in the house (which is a good thing).  I posted this on my Facebook wall and my awesome cousin pulled through with a tasty, healthly chocolate treat!

Coco Powder - I did a double batch (6 TBSP) - I always have coco powder, I'm a baker
2 TBSP - may be a little more of Organic Coconut Oil
Honey to taste (I used local honey).  I like my chocolate a little on the bitter side I used about a TBSP.

I melted it in the microwave because I wanted it to go faster.  I mixed it up and realized I had nothing to pour it in so I used an ice cube tray.  I greased the ice cube tray with the Coconut Oil.  I put a tsp of chocolate then a tsp of peanut butter and then a tsp of chocolate on top (Peanut butter cup - I mean ice cube).  I put it in the freeze (like I said I wanted it to go faster) for about an hour.

Very yummy!  Hope y'all enjoy it!

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