Whole Wheat Bread - Tasty Tuesday

I admit I have not always been a fantastic baker for instance the first time I tried Whole Wheat Bread comes to mind.  I had bought some Whole Wheat Flour and wanted to try my hand at whole wheat bread, I successfully made white bread.  I followed the recipe in the Betty Crocker Cookbook and it said just to replace the white flour with whole wheat.  I did that and will say that is the first thing and only thing I ever made that Jeff did not eat.  The neighbor's dog or the neighborhood geese didn't eat it either.  They were football shaped loaves and as hard as rocks, horrible!

I vowed never to make whole wheat bread again until this past week.  Our bread supply was very limited and I decided to try whole wheat bread again but I wanted to search for a GOOD (easy) recipe on the internet.  I found Whole Wheat Bread Recipe.  I read the comments and was sold.

I made the recipe and it quickly moved to the top of my bread making list.  If you have ever wanted to try to make whole wheat bread I highly recommend it!

The recipe is on the blog with pictures (I am getting lazy on typing recipes - lol).

OOPS - Blog schedule FAIL... oh well I hope y'all like it anyways :)

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