T.G.I.F. One of Those Weeks!

When I worked at the hotel I lived for Fridays, even if we were extremely busy I knew at 5:00pm I would be on my way out the door.  Being atay at home mom my fondness for Fridays is not the same as it was until this week.  Many of you know that I work from home, I answer the phone for a WALKING ghost tour company.  Monday night I was screamed at by three different people because they did not go up to the tour guide (who was dressed in period costume) watched her walk away with another group of people and did not say anything or go up to the guide.  Maybe it is just me but if I saw someone dressed in full period costume in 100 degree heat, I would ask if they were my tour guide.  Monday night I was ready to stop answering any phone even if I am getting paid for it.  Tuesday, Leslierahye and I tested out Ustream for co-hosting (we are doing a show tonight 9PM EST on Ustream - www.ustream.tv/channel/theoddshowlive).  The experiment went well I need to find a free FLV convertor and all will be right with the world.  We need to split up the show because we can't record both people on one stream but we are working on it.  Wednesday, I decided to work on the pantry which is starting to come into focus.  The pantry looks nice and my paper mache (unfinished boxes) look great.

Thursday, I wish I could have a redo.  I had my show on Creative EdVentures Linqto room, my daughter and I did a sun catcher out of wax paper, lutradur, tissue paper, toilet paper, Bic Mark its, cereal boxes, ribbons, iron and some glue (I do plan on doing a tutorial for this).  I did a stream on Ustream as well as Linqto because I know some people have had problems getting into the Linqto room and I figured if people wanted to see the replay or watch on Ustream they could.  I had some viewers on Ustream as well as Linqto an incident happened in the Ustream chat were someone was bullying the other viewers in there.  I am not a fan of bullying (I dealt with bullying in school and trust me it sticks with you - until you meet an amazing man who loves you no matter what) I have a zero policy on bullying and honestly what happened was uncalled for and petty.  This person came back into the Linqto room and started chatting in ALL CAPS (we all know what ALL CAPS mean in chats) - essentially yelling at me for being "kicked out" of the Ustream by my moderator for checking out Ustream.  I explained I was unaware I had a moderator (I have Leslie set up as a moderator on The Odd Show Live and did not realize it applied to all channels) and I was unaware what was going on (I had the Ustream chat hidden because following two chats is hard).  She continued to yell at me in ALL CAPS that she did not do anything and was kicked out for no reason (after the show I read the transcript of the chat - she was bullying others in the room and if I was moderator she would have gotten the boot too).  I asked her to stop that this was not the time or the place to do this, she could private message me.  She continued and I stopped my show abruptly.  I left the Linqto Room and also decided it was time for me to leave Creative EdVentures I did not want to leave under these circumstances but the person who did this is involved with Creative EdVentures as well.  I thought there would be unnecessary tension I decided it was best for me to leave.  I love Cynthia Gagen and what she has done with Creative EdVentures this decision was a difficult one for me but I think it is time for me to spread my wings and start my own show.  I will gladly do guest spots if asked I will never speak ill of Creative EdVentures because they have all been amazing to me.  The particular person who did the bullying has really disappointed me in the past couple of weeks (outside of Creative EdVentures, with her attitude and actions) and I think this was just the straw that broke the camels back for me.  I do want to apologize to Cynthia Gagen and to all my viewers on Thursdays I am extremely embarrassed by my actions I found it was easier to ended my show abruptly than to make it worse.  

I know this is my crafty blog and not really a personal blog but I feel this is related to my crafty side.  After a good night sleep, I am happy with my decision (yesterday I was extremely stressed out because of everything that happened)  I feel it is the best course of action.

So my quote of the day:
"Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'. That's god-damn right."
~Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding, Shawshank Redemption