ALOT of Cupcakes

Yesterday was Jeff's 37th Birthday and I made him ALOT of German Chocolate Cupcakes.  I used the Vegan German Chocolate Frosting Recipe (I might add one of the best I have ever had!) and the Chocolate Beet Cake (which is pretty good - not really sweet but a perfect match with the frosting).  I will make the chocolate beet cake again and I think we can get a smaller beet, adding more applesauce making the final outcome sweeter.

An ALOT of Cupcakes - Yes the Candles spell out ALOT
I do have other photos of the birthday boy and his ALOT of cupcakes but I haven't uploaded them yet.

Here is what I made Jeff for his birthday gift:
Why yes that is a pencil holder made out of old floppy disks.  I am sure it has been done 1,000 times but I still think it is cool - I am thinking of making a small retro shelf out of the rest.

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