Finish it Friday - I HAVE INTERNET!!!!

Well after 5 interesting days of no internet or cable it is once again restored!  I honestly in hind sight can't say it was a bad thing because I got a ton of things done my completion list:

Booga's Railroad sign clock

The Thomas Train Box Cover - Booga loves it

Showed the princess how the Founding Fathers wrote - we made a quill pen (not sure if pen needs to be on there butI put it there just in case).

The backside of the Owl Bag - I also added cattails to the Fish Pond Bag

Yep this is the giraffe painting that is almost finished (it is already sold).  I am going to have a hard time parting with this one - I rarely say this about my own pieces... it is awesome!

I also did templates for boxes for the ornaments.  Wrote contracts and wrote Etsy Stuff out so tomorrow I will be adding several items to my Etsy Shop.  I also sketched some new digis for the Digi Shoppe.  Not a bad week considering but now I am going to play some mind numbing Sims on Facebook because it has been a long, long week :)