I can't find my desk...

So I am determined to finish something today whether it is a digi set (paper or stamps), an ornament, Halloween Countdown from last year, Tidmouth Sheds... something so my desk returns to some state of normal.  I am happy to report my new webcam will be here next week as well as my NEW Tim Holtz Scissors (oh yes I FINALLY bought them) and a couple other things.

I have so many ideas that I need to finish stuff so I can start on the new ideas!  That is my goal to finish at least one item today (I would love to finish two but I will settle for one).  I am also going to list NEW things on my Etsy Store but not until September 1 because I really don't feel like paying $0.20 for a listing when there is 4 days left in a month. 

There you have it I want to find my desk today wish me luck (I am going to need it).