Vacation Week...

Believe or not Jeff has been on vacation this week.  I have gotten a ton of stuff done and the kids have had a blast chasing DADDY around.  My daughter did two shows this week one on Monday and one yesterday (yesterday went much better).  We went out to dinner on Monday we had pizza and frozen yogurt.  Tuesday we made ice cream - which I am thrilled about because it is so GOOD.
Booga loved it!

Yesterday we went over to my Father in law's apartment had sandwiches and went to the ballpark.  Much to our surprise Booga was excellent at the game (he even sat with the scouts and was calling STRIKES!)  Not bad for an almost two year old.
Booga kept putting his fingers in his mouth - grossing out Pop-pop and daddy

Pop-pop and Booga

Yum - Landshark and Boiled Peanuts!  Made the Sand Gnats loss much more bearable.

So today I am making beet chocolate cupcakes (at least the cakes - I probably won't do the frosting until tomorrow).  Here is hoping for a good turn out.

I also got more ornaments finished and I hope to have a couple more finished tonight.  I am also doing my show tonight at 9PM EST on my Ustream channel if your bored stop in and see what I am working on - it should be fun!