Homemade Gummies (Sort of)

Another Pinterest find - I am pretty sure my largest board is the food category!  The recipe can be found on All Day I Dream About Food -- I am not going to retype her recipe but I will share the pictures I took.

Blueberries, Gelatin, Apple Juice (you can use fruit juice) and Apple Sauce

Apple juice sprinkled with gelatin

Puree blueberries and apple sauce

The jelly bean tray - perfect for making gummies.  I DID SPRAY the mold because they would not have come out with out the spray (learned that the hard way with the Jigglers).
So how are the gummies?  Not bad - I personally think they should be sweeter and chewier - I only used blueberries maybe if I used the mixed berries in the recipe they would have been sweeter.    The chewier factor, I personally like to have to work when I eat gummies and these aren't very chewy. The kids love them so I guess I can't complain.  It is a nice refreshing snack after our afternoon walk - I have kept them in the fridge.