How to - Packers Pillowcase and a Half Nighty

My newest obsession is Pinterest - Pinterest is this insanely awesome website that lets you take ideas and "pin them" to your board.  I like to think of it as a virtual idea book.  The problem with Pinterest is that you get overwhelmed very easily with ideas.  I found a child's Pillowcase Nightgown but it wasn't made from a pillowcase.  I then found this one - which I did make for my daughter and the pants which I made for Booga.  I was on a huge sewing kick and wanted to make myself something, so I Googled Pillowcase Nightgown and found this blog.  I was so excited because I wanted to make something for myself with the green pillowcase I had.  Also Packers VS Saints tonight so I needed to show my support for my team, what better way to show support then to make a Packers Nighty.  I also decided that by making this I made a Bears Fan head explode somewhere.

My materials (some of them)

2 pillowcases (note only 1 pillowcase is showing in this photo)
1 shoe lace (ribbon could be used)
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine

At first I followed her directions (it is a great tutorial) I cut the pillow case in two rectangles and formed a trapezoid and pinned it together (right sides facing each other - wrong sides out).  Looking at it I didn't think I would get it on and to my surprise I got it on (sort of) and got stuck.  Jeff found this very amusing that I literally got stuck in the pillowcase.  I had to unpin it and come up with another idea because there was no way I was going to get that to work (unless I dismembered part of my body).  I went and got another pillowcase because I needed more width.
Adding the extra fabric

I took the "new pillowcase" cut it in half and then in half again.  Putting the two pieces of the new pillowcase together - I left approximately 2" and the top (which is really the bottom of the pillowcase) and had it go in a triangle to approximately 4" wide (this was enough with the two pieces to cover my hips - lol.)  I pinned everything back together as described above.

I sewed it up with a zigzag stitch and hemmed the bottom (I hate hemming - it would probably go faster if I pulled out the iron).  I folded it 1/4" and then another 1/4" to make a nice hem.  I cut my shoe lace in half - this really surprised me that I only needed one shoe lace but they were long.  I then put the nightgown on over my clothes and placed the straps (I am really picky about straps) and had to modify the straps a little so I tied cute little bows on the top of them.

Me in my new nighty

Despite some troubles the nighty went together pretty easy even though I had to modify the idea a
little.  The moral of the story inches mean nothing to me - I need sizes.  If someone tells me they have 36" hips that means they are way smaller
than mine (lol).