My Blog has a NEW Feature!

I have been trying to figure out how can I add a Print Option to my blog without going through any extra work for quite sometime.  I discovered a website called Printer Friendly that take any blog post and converts it to a printable PDF file (i.e. all my recipes).  To visit their website and to your blog (Wordpress, Blogger or Website) into a printable version visit Print Friendly and follow their easy instructions on how to install the button.

I am slowly making more changes - I plan on changing up the tutorial page and doing it by "Theme" opposed to alphabetical order, I am going to do it in chronological order - oldest post first.

I am also trying to do better pictures (no more cell phone pictures) for my posts.  I hope y'all enjoy the changes even if they seem to be a little on the slow side I promise I am working hard behind the scenes making it happen.