Spice Rack from an Old Tea Rack

My pantry looks like a nuclear Tupperware bomb went off -- it is bad.  I have tried really hard to make progress on this front but it is hard with a Booga.  Our spices well "live" on top of a shelf that happens to be perfect Booga level.  Which means every time the pantry door opens the spices magically disappear.  Frankly tracking down celery seed and black pepper every time I make something is getting old.  I found the celery seed in the toy box earlier this week.  Something need to change - I either needed a real spice rack or I needed to find some where else to put my spices. 

The Tea Shelf I got from a friend when I was in college I long ago finished the tea but I kept the shelf because it was cool.  I was going to use it for art supplies but I don't have a lot of wall space so it went back in the pantry.  Booga happened to pull the "Tea Shelf" out and started playing with it and spices -- I realized it would be a perfect Spice Rack!  I got the hammer and some nails and got to work.  I also discovered that there were already holes in the back of the shelf for hanging which I never knew (shows how much I pay attention).  With in 20 minutes I had a New Spice Rack much to Booga's disapproval. 

Before - no I never knew what spice I was picking up

The shelf on the wall - isn't it really cool?

Look I can read the labels - Very exciting!

After - I can live with this!!!!