Creative Paperclay Design Team Submission Piece - Wicked Witch of the East

My submission for the Creative Paperclay Design Team is the Wicked Witch of the East.  I made this for my mom for her birthday.  She is 5" wide and approximately 6" tall she holds a broom made from a stick and straw, I then colored with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain and Tea Dye Ink Pad.

I started constructing her on my Web TV Show Who Are You Calling Crafty - LIVE.

This is the full playback (it is over an hour). 

I started with a Wire Armature that I wrapped with tinfoil.  It was also critical that she stand by herself so I constructed the base in that manner.  As I show in the video I rolled out the clay to a uniform thickness and started cover the tinfoil with the Paperclay.   

 Covered in tinfoil no detail

 Building up the cheek and adding teeth.

 E.T. Stage.  Covered for the night.

 The needle I used to insert the hair.  It was a long tedious process (it took almost 2 hours).

 Witch drying.

 Close up of the witch drying.

 Painting the witch.

Finished witch.  I hope you enjoyed my Paperclay Design Team Submission.  

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