2011 Ornaments

I started this a couple years ago (2008) and every year we (or I) make an ornament or several for family and friends.
Giraffe Ornament from last year

Booga's Ornament - which was published in Celebrate 365 last year.

I really want my children to cherish their ornaments so I try to pick something that they are into.  Last year with Booga I got a pass this year I did not.  Since I am on the Amazing Crafting Product Design Team I decided I would mold and cast their favorite toy in resin.  My daughter it was a Littlest Pet Shop Sea Turtle named Tooga.  Keep in mind these are copyrighted so I will not be selling them or making a profit I made them for my daughter for our Christmas Tree.

My mold with Pearlescent Powder waiting for resin
Tooga side by side with Ornament Tooga
Close up of Ornament Tooga - note the 2011 on the fin
Tooga Finished
Percy - I casted one of Booga's trains (Percy) for his ornament this year.
Our Family Ornament - Our finger print from each one of us in Cloud Clay™ (Jeff = Red, Me = Yellow, Princess = Pink and Booga = Blue) I then added Dew Drops for the ornaments.