Daisy Scout Barrettes with Amazing Crafting Resin

I was looking through my daughter's "keepsake" box and I found her first barrette.  It was missing the back but I kept it because I was going to add it to her scrapbook page some day.  I counted the petals and realized that this is prefect for the Daisy Scout Logo.  I decided to make my daughter a new set of barrettes with the Daisy Colors. 

Daisy (my daughters 1st barrette)
Amazing Mold Putty
Metal Barrettes
Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue™
Craft Paint
Liquitex® Gloss Varnish
Daisy Scout Flower Color Reference

1.  Set object in mold putty let set for 20 minutes.

2.  Mix resin and pour into mold.  Allow to cure for at least 10 minutes.  Remove resin from mold and cast another piece.

3.  Paint petals according to Daisy Scouts flower.  Seal with Varnish.

4.  Add glue to the backside of Daisy.  ***NOTE: I used 3 types of glue (Tacky, Jewel-it and Hot Glue) before I tried the Jewelry & Metal Glue™ this was the only one that adhered the resin to the metal.
5.  Place in hair.