New Meds - UGH

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I have been on the same dosage of Synthroid for close to seven years now.  It took several years to get to that point, many dress sizes, days of feeling like absolute crap to get a dose that finally worked.  How do I know it worked I had two children on that dose.  It has been a long time since I have had a dose change and wow it is worse than I remember.  I am moody (really moody), I am exhausted during the day and have crazy insomnia at night, I want to cry at the drop of a hat because I am so damn frustrated.  I know it is not suppose to happen as quickly as it has (most people it takes a week to start feeling like this) me it to two days.  I have always been really sensitive to medicine change but this is awful.  I have a two year old who is literally running circles around me, I have design work that needs to be completed and it is the week of St. Patrick's Day (the tour reservations line busiest week of the year).

I am also worried about gaining weight my dress for my brother's wedding has been ordered and I can't change it.  I pray that it will fit as horrible as that may seem but that dress wasn't cheap.  I literally begged my doctor to wait until after August to do this and my levels were so high that he couldn't.  So if I don't post a lot this week it is because I honestly don't have the energy to post anything or I am in such a foul mood that I will keep it to myself.