Homemade Laundry Detergent (Powder)

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I know I have been on a homemade eco-friendly kick lately but I figured Earth Day should really be Earth Month.  This week I am sharing our newest discovery (thanks to Pinterest) Powder Laundry Detergent.
This recipe is from Homestead Revival (we used the Fels Naptha Soap Recipe - we could not find Zote).

1/2 Cup of Borax
1/2 Cup of Washing Soda
1 Cup of Fels Naptha Grated

Mix all the ingredients together in an airtight container.  1 Scoop per load (TBSP).  We also add White Vingar in a Downey Ball and throw it in there - works as a fabric softener (have been doing this for almost 5 years now).

We have done several loads works great, no itchy skin and we can also use it on diapers (we cloth diaper) and it does not bother the Booga Bottom.  Jeff loves it and we have a ton left over (including the Fels Naptha to make more).

I also updated the Homemade Deodorant after using it for a 10 days.