I am moving to WORD PRESS!

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After much thought, I decided that since Blogger can't seem to get their act together, I am moving my blog to Word Press - www.ajsarts.wordpress.com

I will be switching the domain over soon but I really am disappointed that the Blogger folks have not taken this seriously.  I love Blogger but they broke the cardinal rule - if its not broke don't fix it.  They also keep saying it is fixed, mine is not and since they don't think it is broken I have no idea when it will be fixed.  I have always had faith in Blogger but the past two weeks have been stressful and frustrating, honestly it doesn't seem like they even care.  I love my blog and that it the main reason I am switching is because I love my blog and I enjoy blogging.  It should not be a frustrating daily occurrence which it has.  I will be setting my Pinterest and everything to go through to the new blog.

I hope you will still follow me over on Word Press.  I have imported all of my blog to WP so I will be deleting them on this blog so they do not double on search engines.  I am doing this to make my life easier and I hope everyone can understand that.  I spent the day building that blog with no swearing or beer, which for me is a true accomplishment.  I am limited because I am using Word Press.com not Word Press.org I do plan on going the WordPress.org soon but until then I will be using just the plain old WordPress.

I also think this will help me to get my blog where I want it to be.  Thank you everyone, I really do appreciate everything.