Sakura Easter Hat

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My daughter's class was having an Easter Hat Parade on the 5th, every child had to decorate a hat and wear it to school.  There was a parade around the school to show of their lovely creations.  My daughter loves Butterflies, Rainbow and a whole lot of sparkle so we decided to decorate a canvas hat with a whole lot of sparkle.  I asked my daughter to pick out what she wanted on her hat, she picked out some two inch butterfly ribbon and told me she wanted some flowers as well.  I was informed the ribbon lacked pizzaz and needed something to make it sparkle.  I decided this project would be the perfect opportunity to try out Terri Sproul Mixers.  Boy did we ever experiment with this hat.

I know you want to see how this hat was constructed so hop on over to the Sakura Hobby Craft Blog and check it out!

She LOVED IT!!!!