Star Wars Felt Peeps

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Yes I am well aware I hate Peeps but that doesn't mean everyone does (including my husband).  Originally these were going to be for our good friend Jamie but I hand sewed these and I couldn't bring myself to part with them.  I was also informed I have opened a can of worms and I must continue on because there are Lando, Jabba and Bounty Hunters Peeps to be created.  Regina from The Distracted Domestic  posted Star Trek Peeps on Facebook (I pinned it - YAY ME!) and it gave me a wonderful idea to make STAR WARS PEEPS.  Yes I was up until 3am Saturday night (Sunday morning) sewing Felt Peeps.

Introducing The Star Wars Peeps:

Luke - I am aware he is missing a belt, I made him at 2:30am  because I realized I forgot Luke.

Chewie Peep (one of my favorites)

Han Solo Peep - My favorite, he can say I know to me anytime (thinking about Harrison Ford  -  happy sigh)

Princess Leia - I know no buns on the side it wasn't working so  that is what  I got

Darth Peep - Luke I am your Father

Yoda - I completely dig the Yoda (I must!)
I'm not sure if I am going to do a pattern for the Peep if I do I will post it.  I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter and got lots of things from the Easter Bunny including JELLY BEANS!

As you can see the Booga now associates the Easter Bunny with JELLY BEANS!   I can honestly say I did not think one could consume that many jelly beans and not throw up.  Proved mom wrong (thank you for that Booga!)


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